Mountbellew Mart Cattle Sale on Friday 10th March 2023

Show and Sale meant the quality of stock on offer was much improved. Strong demand for all lots on offer with especially strong trade for quality and heavier lots.


Belgian Blue cross, 2021 heifer, 515kg, €1,540.00.
Limousine cross, 2021 heifer, 555kg, €1,550.00.
A. Angus cross, 2021 heifer, 485kg, €1,260.00.
Charolais cross, 2021 heifer, 575kg, €1,720.
Limousine cross, 2021 bullock, 580kg, €1,750.00.
Three Limousine cross, 2021 bullocks, 507kg, €1,560.00.
One A. Angus cross, 2021 bullock, 430kg, €1,180.00.
Limousine cross weanling, 2022 heifer, 310kg, €930.00.
Limousine cross weanling, 2022 heifer, 345kg, €970.00.
Simmental cross weanling, 2022 heifer, 307kg, €1,100.00.
Limousine cross weanling, 2022 bull, 405kg, €1,200.00.
Charolais cross weanling, 2022 bull, 290kg, €980.00.
Charolais cross weanling, 2022 bull 330kg, €1080.00.

Next cattle sale on Friday 24th March at 6pm. Gates open at 4pm.

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