Mountbellew Mart Cattle Sale on Friday 19th May 2023

Similar number on offer to previous week. Strong demand for quality lots however plainer lots were slightly easier trade.


One 2 year old CHX heifer, 660kg, €1,690.00.
One HRX heifer, 640kg, €1,440.00.
Two 6 month old Saler Cross bullocks, 460kg, €1,320.00.
One LMX weanling bull, 435kg, €1,170.00.
Two LM weanling bulls, 290kg, €1,030.00.
Three 1 1/2 year old Saler Cross bullocks, 458kg, €1,460.00.

Next cattle sale Friday 26th May at 6pm in person and online with ‘MartEye’. Gates open at 4pm.

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