Mountbellew Mart Cattle Sale on Wednesday the 14th September 2022

Increased number on previous week. Quality cattle met with a firm trade, however plainer and lighter
cattle were harder sold. The small number of cull cows and cows with calves at foot met with a brisk


Store Heifers
1 LMX, 445kg, €1,220, €2.74/kg. 1 CHX, 465kg, €1,220, €2.62/kg. 1 CHX, 460kg, €1,020, €2.22/kg.
1 SIX, 345kg, €870, €2.52/kg.

Store Bullocks
1 HEX, 585kg, €1,200, €2.05/kg. 1 HEX, 445kg, €1,100, €2.02/kg. 1 FR 560kg, €1,070, €1.91/kg.
1 AAX, 415kg, €900. €2.17/kg.

2 LMX, 332.5kg, €1,340, €2.05/kg. 2 HEX, 545kg, €1,300, €4.06/kg. 2 LMX, 255kg, €1,260,
€4.94/kg. 1 CHX, 655kg, €1,180, €1.80/kg.

Cattle sale on Wednesdays at 6pm. Gates open at 4pm. All categories of cattle required to
supply existing customers.

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