Mountbellew Mart Cattle Sale on Wednesday the 20th October 2021

Increased number of stock again this week for this our autumn show and sale. There was a strong demand for all categories especially the store bullocks and dry cows with a complete clearance in each case. There was a large entry of weanlings with an equally strong demand with a large number of buyers in person and online.

Autumn Cattle Show and Sale prize winners

Best in each category: Best store Heifer: James Conneely, Bovinion Mountbellew, was presented with the Pat Geraghty Perpetual Trophy and the prize was sponsored by Greenway Properties Limited. Best Store Bullock: Pat Healy, Liscune, Ballymacward sponsored by St. Jarlath’ Credit Union. Best weanling Heifer: Michael Carr, Cloonshivna, Newbridge, Ballinasloe, sponsored by St. Jarlath’s Credit Union.

Best Weanling Bull: Eugene Naughton, Gowla, Ballinamore Bridge, sponsored by Coyle’s Supervalue, Mountbellew. Best Dry Cow: Eamonn Moran Gurraubawn, Lavally Tuam received the Paddy Stephens Memorial Cup and the prize was sponsored by Bank of Ireland, Mountbellew.

Sample Prices


1 AAX, 825kg, €1,630, €1.98/kg. 1 CH, 775kg, €1,530, €1.97/kg.

1 LMX, 710kg, €1,450, €2.04/kg. 1 LMX, 695kg, €1,380, €1.99/kg.

1 LMX, 735kg, €1,280, €1.74/kg. 1 CHX, 685kg, €1,270, €1.85/kg.

1 SIX, 605kg, €1,000, €1.65/kg.

Store Heifers

1 LMX, 610kg, €1,390, €2.28/kg. 1 AAX, 480kg, €950, €1.98/kg.

1 LMX, 485kg, €940, €1.94/kg. 1 CH, 385kg, €920, €2.39/kg.

1 LMX, 410kg, €910, €2.22/kg. 1 LMX, 385kg, €880, €2.29/kg.

1 LMX, 425kg, €880, €2.07/kg.

Store Bullocks

1 LMX, 600kg, €1,400, €2.33/kg. 2 LMX, 550kg, €1,280, €2.33/kg.

2 FR, 590kg, €1,250, €2.12/kg. 1 AAX, 575kg, €1,240, €2.16/kg.

1 LMX, 500kg, €1,180, €2.36/kg. 1 CHX, 530kg, €1,180, €2.23/kg.

1 LMX, 525kg, €1,130, €2.15/kg.

Weanling Heifers

1 LMX, 310kg, €1,090, €3.52/kg. 1 LM, 430kg, €1,020, €2.37/kg.

1 LMX, 325kg, €920, €2.83/kg. 1 CHX, 355kg, €900, €2.54/kg.

1 LMX, 355kg, €850, €2.39/kg. 1 LMX, 400kg, €830, €2.08/kg.

1 CHX, 325kg, €800, €2.46/kg.

Weanling Bulls

1 CHX, 355kg, €1,200, €3.38/kg. 1 LMX, 320kg, €1,100, €3.44/kg.

1 CHX, 430kg, €1,050, €2.44/kg. 1 LMX, 455kg, €1,020, €2.24/kg.

1 LMX, 450kg, €1,000, €2.22/kg. 1 CHX, 370kg, €990, €2.68/kg.

1 CHX, 360kg, €960, €2.67/kg.

Cattle sale Wednesday evening at 6pm, in Person and online with ‘marteye’. All cattle penned before 5.50pm. Buyer viewing from 5.30pm to 6pm.

Ph : (090) 9679660.

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