Mountbellew Mart Cattle Sale Wednesday the 2nd February 2022

Small entry of cattle with a strong trade for all lots on offer. Good quality stock on show with the strong demand resulting in a complete clearance. More heavy cows required.

Sample prices

Weanling Heifers

1 LMX, 315kg, €850, €2.70/kg. 1 PTX, 390kg, €820, €2.10/kg.

1 CHX, 260kg, €810, €3.12/kg. 1 AAX, 330kg, €800, €2.42/kg.

1 PTX, 330kg, €760, €2.30/kg. 1 AAX, 245kg, €510, €2.08/kg.

1 LMX, 260kg, €500, €1.92/kg.

Weanling bullocks

1 LMX, 400kg, €940, €2.35/kg. 1 LMX, 375kg, €920, €2.45/kg.

2 LMX, 375kg, €860, €2.29/kg. 1 AAX, 320kg, €650, €2.03/kg.

2 FRX, 240kg, €350, €1.46/kg.


Cattle sales every Wednesday evening at 6pm, gates open at 4pm. Sales in person and online at marteye.

Phone: (090) 9679660. Web: mountbellew.ie

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