Mountbellew Mart Cattle Sale Wednesday the 6th of April 2022

There was a smaller number on offer to previous week with a strong demand for good quality cattle, however poorer quality lots were a weaker trade.

Sample prices

Weanling Heifers

1 CHX, 380kg, €950, €2.50/kg. 1 CHX, 355kg, €900, €2.54/kg. 1 BBX, 285kg, €700, €2.46/kg. 1 CHX, 395kg, €990, €2.51/kg.

Weanling bulls

1 LMX, 495kg, €1,100, €2.22/kg. 1 LMX, 410kg, €1,130, €2.51/kg. 1 LM, 365kg, €980, €2.68/kg. 1 AAX, 315kg, €780, €2.48/kg

Cattle sales every Wednesday evening at 6pm, gates open at 4pm. Sales in person and online at marteye.

Phone: (090) 9679660. Email: mart@mountbellew.ie Web: mountbellew.ie

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