Mountbellew Mart Cattle Sale on Wednesday the 19th October 2022

Smaller number of cattle on offer to previous week. Brisk trade for heavy cows. Store cattle were in good demand as were weanling heifers.

We would like to again thank the sponsors of our autumn show and sale: St. Jarlath’s Credit Union, Bank of Ireland, Screen’s Bar and Restaurant, Guilka and sponsors of perpetual trophies: Paddy Stephens Memorial Cup, Geraghty Family Butchers, Coyle Supervalu, Mountbellew. We would also like to thank Liam Conway who was the judge for the show.


1 HEX, 750kg, €1,530, €2.04/kg. 1 HEX, 795kg, €1,400. €1.76/kg.. 1 BBX, 605kg, €940, €1.55/kg.
Store Heifers
1 CHX, 570kg, €1,420, €2.49/kg. 1 LMX, 565kg, €1,160, €2.05/kg. 1 CHX, 455kg, €1,040, €2.29/kg.
Store Bullocks
1 HEX, 575kg, €1,180, €2.05/kg. 1 FR, 645kg, €1,150, €1.78/kg. I FR, 555kg, €1,050, €1.89/kg.
Weanling Heifers
1 CHX, 310kg, €830, €2.68/kg. 1 CHX, 360kg, €820, €2.28. 1 SH, 195kg, €700, €3.59/kg.
Weanling Bulls
1 LMX, 520kg, €1,230, €2.37/kg. 1 LMX, 400kg, €1,060, €2.65/kg. 1 CHX, 355kg, €1,020, €2.87/kg.

Cattle sale on Wednesday evenings at 6pm. Gates open at 4pm. In person and online with ‘marteye’.

Special sale of dry cows on Wednesday the 2nd of November.

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