Mountbellew Mart Sheep Sale on Saturday 12th August 2023

Slightly larger sale of lambs on offer to previous week with prices easier for factory lambs. However store lambs were a steady trade. Smaller numbers of stag ewes met with slight improvement especially for heavier lots. Increased numbers of breeding stock on offer.  Plainer and lighter hoggets were a hard sell.

Twelve ewe lambs, 39kg, €122.00.
Six ram lambs, 45.5kg, €125.00.
Six ram lambs, 47.6kg, €130.00.
Six ewe lambs, 43.5kg, €120.00.
Twelve wether lambs, 50.5kg, €150.00.
Ten wether lambs, 36.1kg, €100.00.
Four ewe lambs, 30.6kg, €80.00.
Twelve ewe lambs, 26.5kg, €73.00.
Twenty wether lambs, 36.5kg, €100.00.
Twelve ewe lambs 39.6kg, €130.00.
Twenty three wether lambs, 35kg, €106.00.
Eight wether lambs, 46.5kg, €135.00.
Twelve ewe lambs, 47kg, €146.00.
Twelve ewe lambs, 45.8kg, €140.00.

Smaller number on offer to previous week. Strong demand for heavier lots.

Two ewes, 100kg, €240.00.
Two ewes, 80kg, €138.00.
Three ewes, 86.5kg, €158.00.
One ewe, 95kg, €200.00.
Two ewes, 67.5kg, €112.00.
Seven ewes, 88.5kg, €166.00.
Seven ewes, 75kg, €136.00.
Ten ewes, 86.5kg, €165.00.
Ten ewes, 83.5kg, €156.00.
Three ewes, 93.5kg, €192.00.

Six second crop Suffolk cross ewes, €168.00.
Seven first crop Suffolk cross ewes, €184.00.
Six first crop Texel cross ewes, €172.00.

In general, hogget ewes ranged in price from €150 to €210.00.
Lighter lots ranged in price from €150-€170.00.
Heavier lots ranged in price from €170-€200.00.
Five lots of hoggets topped the €200 mark with top price of €210.00 paid for five quality Milford cross ewe hoggets.

Sheep sale every Saturday at 10am in person and online with ‘MartEye’ in two “rings”, ewe ring and lamb ring. Gates open at 8am.

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