Mountbellew Mart Sheep Sale on Saturday 16th December 2023

Bigger sale this week. Trade for factory lambs similar to previous week. Good trade for heavy lambs. Light store lambs were hard sold. Stags remain similar to previous week.



One ram lamb, 37.5kg, €90.00.
Seven ewe lambs, 38.5kg, €121.00.
Nine ewe lamb, 41.1kg, €125.0.00.
Six ram lambs, 45kg, €124.00.
Five ram lambs, 36.0kg, €70.00.
Three ewe lambs 53.5kg, €146.00.
Two ram lambs, 49kg, €149.00.
Eleven ram lambs, 44kg, €127.00.
Two ewe lambs, 39.5kg, €90.00.
Five ewe lambs, 38kg, €135.00.
Twelve ewe lambs, 39kg, €108.00.

Twelve ewes, 90.5kg, €150.00.
Three ewes, 72kg, €100.00.
Eighteen ewes, 82.5kg, €124.00.
Fifteen ewes, 81.5kg, €126.00.
Six ewes, 65.0kg, €102.00.

Sheep sales return on January 6th.
Cattle sales return on January 26th.

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