Mountbellew Mart Sheep Sale on Saturday 18th February 2023

Both buyers and sellers were happy to back in attendance at Mountbellew Mart having had a break for two weeks. Hoggets met with a similar trade to previous weeks. However, stag ewes met with a very strong trade, especially for heavier lots. Small number of ewes with lambs at foot also met with a very strong trade.


Ten ewe hoggets, 55.5kg, €147.00
Five wether hoggets, 55.8kg, €146.00.
Sixteen wether hoggets, 54.2kg, €145.00.
Five wether hoggets, 56.5kg, €144.00.
Tweleve ewe hoggets, 54kg, €144.00.
Eight ewe hoggets, 53.6kg, €143.00.
Fourteen wether hoggets, 50kg, €141.00.
Seven ewe hoggets, 51kg, €137.00.
Twelve ewe hoggets, 41kg, €125.00.
Seven ewe hoggets, 36kg, €97.00.
Two wether hoggets, 39kg, €96.00.
Fifteen ewe hoggets, 35.6kg, €95.00.
Eight wether hoggets, 34.2kg, €87.00.

Good quality ewes on offer with very strong trade and a 100% clearance.

Three ewes, 88kg, €180.00.
One ram, 114kg, €172.00.
Three ewes, 89kg, €170.00.
One ram, 83.5kg, €160.00.
Nine ewes, 85.5kg, €150.00.
Three ewes, 84.5kg, €148.00.
Nine ewes, 78.5kg, €130.00.
Six ewes, 72.5kg, €116.00.
Two ewes, 65kg, €98.00.
Two ewes, 61kg, €97.00.


One second crop ewe with strong single lamb at foot, €232.00.
Three third crop ewes with twin lambs at foot, €230.00.
Two first crop ewes with strong single lambs at foot, €226.00.
Two fourth crop ewes due to lamb 1st March carrying twins, €160.00.

Sheep sale every Saturday at 10am in person and online with ‘marteye’ in two “rings”, ewe ring and lamb ring. Gates open at 8am.

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