Mountbellew Mart Sheep Sale on Saturday 2nd September 2023

Very big sale again this week. Increased numbers of both lambs and breeding sheep. Also, big sale of stag ewes. Good ewe hoggets met with a good trade. Lighter outfits harder sold. Store lambs remain similar to previous week. Stag ewes remain a similar trade. Also factory lambs are around the same as last weeks prices.


Twelve lambs, 51.5kg, €145.00.
Sixteen ram lambs, 42kg, €105.00.
Fourteen wether lambs, 43kg, €118.00.
Ten wether lambs, 41.2kg, €118.00.
Nine wether lambs, 52kg, €144.00
Two ram lambs, €45kg, €122.00.
Fourteen ram lambs, 35kg, €100.00

Nine ewes, 91.5kg, €178.00.
Nine ewes, 98kg, €175.00.
One ewe, 70kg, €108.00.
Two ewes, 60kg, €84.00.
Twenty five ewes, 84kg, €148.00.
Four ewes, 89kg, €175.00.
One ewe, 105kg, €232.00.

Breeding hoggets remain a solid trade.
Good hoggets made from €220-€250.00.
Bredding ewes maded from €140-€160.00.
Lighter ewes harder sold.

Sheep sale every Saturday at 10am in person and online with ‘MartEye’ in two “rings”, ewe ring and lamb ring. Gates open at 8am.

Cattle sales return this Friday 8th September at 6pm. Gates open at 4pm.

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