Mountbellew Mart Sheep Sale on Saturday 3rd December 2022

Larger number of sheep on offer to previous week with many farmers choosing to sell before Christmas due to high meal costs. Factory lambs and store lambs were slightly easier trade on previous week. Strong demand for fleshy lambs and good forward stores. Stag ewes also met with slightly easier trade.


Fifteen wether lambs, 54.6kg, €162.00. Twenty ewe lambs, 37.1kg, €121.00.
Twenty wether lambs, 36.7kg, €110.00. Six ram lambs, 53.6kg, €160.00.
Twenty-four wether lambs, 31kg, €83.00. Five ram lambs, 51.5kg, €146.00.
Eight ewe lambs, 43.5kg, €120.00. Five ewe lambs, 34.5kg, €91.00.
Six wether lambs, 54.5kg, €156.00. Twelve wether lambs, 37.6kg, €102.00.
Seventeen wether lambs, 52.5kg, €153.00. Four ram lambs, 40.5kg, €120.00.
Five ewe lambs, 54.5kg, €160.00. Eleven ram lambs, 51kg, €145.00

Large numbers on offer again this week. Slightly easier trade all round.
Eight ewes, 96.4kg, €144.00. Six ewes, 82.6kg, €136.00.
Six ewes, 92.5kg, €164.00. Six ewes, 86kg, €140.00.
Two hogget ewes, 77.3kg, €160.00. Seven ewes, 75kg, €94.00.
Two ewes, 91kg, €154.00. Eleven ewes, 73kg, €111.00

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