Mountbellew Mart Sheep Sale on Saturday 7th October 2023

Large sale this week. More breeding sheep and ewe hoggets. Good show of stag ewes, just not as good a trade as previous weeks. Light ewe hoggets hard sold. Lamb sale similar to previous week. Not much change.


Fifteen wether lambs, 34.5kg, €89.00.
Eight ram lambs, 45kg, €120.00.
Five ram lambs, 54kg, €145.00.
Four wether lambs, 50kg, €132.00.
Seven ram lambs, 47kg, €130.00.
Two ewe lambs, 48kg, €134.00.
Ten ewe lambs, 45kg, €134.00.
Six wether lambs, 38kg, €100.00.

Fifteen ewes, 95kg, €140.00.
One ewe, 50kg, €124.00.
Three ewes, 78kg, €112.00.
Three ewes, 85kg, €110.00.
Three ewes, 88.5kg, €157.00.

Seven first crop ewes, €154.00.
Seven second/third crop ewes, €128.00.
Four second crop ewes, €140.00.
Hoggets ranged in price from €140-€210.00.
First crop ewes ranged in price from €140-€180.00.
Second crop ewes ranged in price fom €120-€150.

Sheep sale every Saturday at 10am in person and online with ‘MartEye’ in two “rings”; ewe ring and lamb ring. Gates open at 7.30am.

Cattle sales Friday evenings at 6pm.

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