Mountbellew Mart Sheep Sale on Saturday the 20th of November 2021

Smaller number of sheep on offer this week with a good demand for all lots. Good fleshed lambs were a good trade. Stag ewes met with a very good trade.




Twelve ram lambs, 42.5kg, €139. Four wither lambs, 27kg, €80.00. Twenty three ram lambs, 40.6kg, €118.00. Three ewe lambs 36kgkg, €110.00. Ten ewe lambs, 44.6kg, €144.00. Eighteen mixed lambs, 46.3kg, €138.00. Seven wither lambs, 45.6kg, €140.00. Eight ewe lambs, 51kg, €171.00. Ten wither lambs, 37.5kg, €135.

Stag ewes

Smaller number on offer. Good trade. Prices ranged from €100.00 to €180.00.

Sheep sales every Saturday at 10am in person and online with ‘marteye’.

Gates open at 8am.

Email: mart@mountbellew.ie Web: www.mountbellew.ie Ph: (090) 9679660.

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