Mountbellew Mart Sheep Sale on Saturday the 5th March 2022

Mountbellew Mart Sheep Sale on Saturday the 5th March 2022

Very large number of sheep on offer this week. Almost four rows of stag ewes on offer, however with a very brisk trade with many ewes exceeding the €200 mark. One ewe weighing 104kg, making €261.00. Hoggets also met with a strong demand for all lots on offer, with more demand for the heavier and fleshier hoggets. Slightly easier trade for ewes with Hoggets at foot.



Four ewe Hoggets, 37.1kg, €111.00. Ten ram Hoggets, 55kg, €157.00. Fifteen wither Hoggets, 49kg, €152.00. Eleven ewe hoggets 51.8kg, €152.00. Ten ewe hoggets, 45.5kg, €146.00. Nine quality ewe Hoggets, 49.5kg, €163.00. Five ewe Hoggets, 48.5kg, €140.00. Ten ewe hoggets, 36.5kg, €110.00. Eight ewe hoggets, 46.4kg, €140.00

Stag ewes

Very large number on offer this week with a very strong trade for heavier lots. Eight ewes, 93kg, €179.00. Ten ewes, 84.5kg, €155.00. Three ewes, 83kg, €142.00. Six ewes, 60kg, €100.00. One ewe, 92kg, €181.00. One ewe, 104kg, €261.00

Ewe with lambs at foot.

Six 3rd crop ewes with twelve lambs at foot, €240.00. Two 1st crop ewes with single lambs at foot, €200.00. One hogget ewe scanned in lamb with twins due in April, €192.00. One 2nd crop ewe with twin lambs at foot, €226.00. Two 3rd crop ewes with three lambs at foot, €198.00.

Sheep sales every Saturday at 10am in person and online with ‘marteye’ in two “rings” – ewe ring and lamb ring.

Gates open at 8am.

Email: mart@mountbellew.ie Web: www.mountbellew.ie Ph: (090) 9679660.

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