Sheep Sale on Saturday the 18th of September 2021

Big sale again this week with large number of lambs and breeding sheep on offer. There was also a big sale of stag ewes. Stag ewes were a little easier trade from the previous week. Store lambs were a very good trade, as were good ewe lambs. Fleshed lambs remain steady.

Sample Prices


Four ewe lambs, 32kg, €95.00. Thirteen ram lambs @ 34kg, €89. Two ram lambs @50.8kg, €133.00. Twelve wither lambs @ 45.1kg, €111.00. Eight ewe lambs @41.1kg, €115.00. Four  ewe lambs @ 48kg, €126.00. Twelve ewe lamb @ 51kg, €130.00. Eight ewe lambs @ 41kg, €121.00.

Stag Ewes

Big sale of stag ewes. Good trade for all lots. Heavy ewes in good demand. Prices ranged from €90 – €185.

Breeding ewes and ewe hoggets.

Ewe hoggets ranged in price from €155.00 to €210.00.

First crop ewes ranged in price from €150.00 to €170.00. Second crop ewes ranged in price from €120.00 to €160.00. Third crop ewes ranged in price from €90.00 to €120.00.

Sheep sales every Saturday at 10am. Cattle sales resume on Wednesday the 29th of September at 6pm. All sales in person and online at MartEye.

Email: mart@mountbellew.ie. Web: mountbellew.ie. Phone: 090 9679660

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