Sheep Sale on Saturday the 4th of September 2021

Very large sale of sheep again this week, with increased number of lambs and breeding stock on offer. Lambs were a similar trade to last week; however, lighter store lambs were an easier trade. Stag ewes met with a similar trade to previous trade.

Sample Prices


Six wither lambs @ 34.8kg,€90.00.Fifteen wither lambs @ 42.8kg,€115. Eleven wither lambs @ 35kg, €102.00. Ten ewe lambs @ 45.3kg, €130.00. Eleven ewe lambs @42.4kg, €124.00. Sixteen wither lambs @ 40kg, €124.00. One ram lamb @ 55kg, €135.00. Ten quality ewe lambs @ 45kg, €151.00. Twelve ewe lambs @ 35kg, €100.00. Four ram lambs @ 46.5kg, €125.00. Fourteen ewe lambs @ 49kg, €140.00.

Stag Ewes

Large numbers of stag ewes on offer again this week with strong demand especially for heavier lots. Similar trade to previous wee. Prices ranged from €88 – €177.

Ewes Hoggets, Breeding Ewes

Ewe hoggets ranged in price from €146.00 to €122.00 with many lots in the €160.00 to the €190.00 price range.

First crop ewes ranged in price from €150.00 to €188.00. Second crop ewes ranged in price from €130.00 to €175.00. Third crop ewes ranged in price from €110.00 to €138.00.

Sheep sales every Saturday at 10am in person and online at MartEye.

Phone: 090 9679660


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