Mountbellew Mart Cattle Sale Wednesday the 18th May 2022

Smaller entry of cattle to previous week. Though the quality of cattle was down on previous week, top prices were paid resulting in a complete clearance. A greater supply of quality cattle is needed at Mountbellew mart for the large number of buyers in attendance. Forward stores and heavier cattle required. Next Wednesday, the 27th of May, is our last cattle sale before the summer break. Cattle sales will resume in the autumn. Our sheep sales continue every Saturday.

Sample prices

Store Heifers

1 STX, 400kg, €1,100, €2.75/kg. 1 STX, 365kg, €990, €2.71/kg. 1 SHX, 275kg, €620, €2.25/kg.

Store Bullocks

1 SHX, 200kg, €500, €2.50/kg. 1 LMX, 255kg, €450, €1.76/kg. 1 SHX, 260kg, €450, €1.73/kg.

Weanling Heifer

1 LMX, 265kg, €790, €2.98/kg. 1 LM, 335kg, €690, €2.94/kg. 1 LMX, 245kg, €670, €2.73/kg.

Cattle sales Wednesday evening at 6pm, gates open at 4pm. Sales in person and online at marteye.

Phone: (090) 9679660. Email: mart@mountbellew.ie Web: mountbellew.ie

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