Mountbellew Mart Sheep Sale on Saturday the 16th July 2022

Similar number on offer to previous week with a similar trade. There was a good demand for heavier and fleshy lambs. Store lambs were an improved trade on previous week.

Gates open at 7.30pm for the summer months.


Spring Lambs

Ten ram lambs, 37.8kg, €125.00. Twelve wither lambs, 45.1kg, €132.00. Eleven clean lambs, 50.8kg, €155.00. Five ewe lambs, 47.5kg, €146.00. Eight wither lambs, 42.3kg, €130.00. Nine ewe lambs,36.9kg, €134.00. Four ram lambs, 45kg, €141.00. Twelve ewe lambs, 41.1kg, €144.00. Twelve ewe lambs 35kg, €130.00. Ten ewe lambs, 41.5kg, €148.00. Five wither lambs, 46.2kg, €145.00. Three ram lambs, 43kg, €133.00.

Stag ewes

Similar number on offer to previous week with a similar trade, especially for the fleshier lots.

Ten ewes, 72.5kg, €134.00. Eleven ewes, 61kg, €80.00. Eleven ewes, 66kg, €92.00. Three ewe, 74kg, €110.00. Four ewes, 90kg, €198.00. Four ewes, 80kg, €168.00.


The Mountbellew Vintage rally is on Sunday the 24th of July. We will have our usual sheep sale on Saturday the 23rd and we ask that no sheep be left in yard or paddocks after the sale on that date.

Sheep sale every Saturday at 10am in person and online with ‘marteye’ in two “rings” ewe ring and lamb ring. Gates open at 7.30am.

Email: mart@mountbellew.ie Web: www.mountbellew.ie Ph: (090) 9679660.

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