Mountbellew Mart Sheep Sale on Saturday the 8th of January 2022

First sale of the year with a good turnout and good trade for all lots. Stag ewes were in good demand, especially for the heavier lots. Feeding sheep were not as good as last sale in 2021.



Four ewe lambs, 48kg, €140.00. Five ewe lambs, 36.7kg, €118.00. Five ewe lambs, 55kg, €153.00. Three ewe lambs 71.7kg, €180.00. Eighteen ewe lambs, 38.4kg, €95.00. Seven ram lambs, 50.2kg, €152.00. Five wither lambs, 31kg, €98.00. Seven ewe lambs, 49.6kg, €150.00.

Stag ewes

Good fleshed ewes in good demand. Light ewes back on previous sale.

Prices ranged from €90.00 to €140.00.

Sheep sales every Saturday at 10am in person and online with ‘marteye’.

Gates open at 8am. Cattle sales resume on Wednesday the 26th of January at 6pm.

Email: mart@mountbellew.ie Web: www.mountbellew.ie Ph: (090) 9679660.

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