Sheep Sale on Saturday the 14th of August 2021

Very big sale of sheep again this week of both lambs and breeding sheep. Big sale of Stag Ewes. Stag Ewes remain a very good trade with lots of buyers in the yard and online. Lambs remain a good trade.

Sample Prices


Six Ewe lambs, 38.7kg, €109. Ten Ewe lambs, 29kg, €100. Fourteen Ewe lambs, 37kg, €125. Eleven Ram lambs, 45.5kg  €120.  Four Ram lambs, 46kg, €115. Twelve Ewe lambs, 45.6kg, €121. Ten Ewe lambs, 43.3kg, €130.


Stag Ewes

Very good trade for all lots on offer. Prices range from €140 – €205.


Ewes Hoggetts, Breeding Ewes

Ten Ewe Hoggetts Suffolk Cross- €220. Eight Ewe Hoggetts Suffolk Cross – €198

Eleven Ewe Hoggetts Texel Cross – €180. Ten Ewe Hoggetts Suffolk Cross – €228

Nine Ewe Hoggetts Suffolk Cross – €225. Ten First Crop Ewes – €172. Five First Crop Ewes – €160. Five Second Crop Ewes – €160

Sheep sales every Saturday at 10am in person and online at MartEye.

Phone: 090 9679660

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