Sheep Sale on Saturday the 21st of August 2021

Large sale again this week with both lambs, culls and breeding sheep. Cull Ewes remain a very good trade. Both Lambs and breeding sheep are a very good trade. A lot of buyers for all classes of sheep both online and in person.

Sample Prices


Ten Ewe lambs, 43kg, €130. Twenty-Four clean lambs, 33.5kg, €103. Thirteen clean lambs, 37.3kg, €113. Nine Wither lambs, 49kg, €138. Fifteen Ewe lambs, 32.5kg, €122. Sixteen Ewe lambs, 46kg, €152. Ten Ram lambs, 48kg, €136.


Stag Ewes

Great trade for all Ewes on offer. Prices range from €140 – €212.


Ewes Hoggetts, Breeding Ewes

Five Ewe Hoggetts Suffolk Cross- €190. Twelve Ewe Hoggetts Texel Cross – €204

Ten Ewe Hoggetts Suffolk Cross – €198. Ten Ewe Hoggetts Suffolk Cross – €234

Eight Ewe Hoggetts Texel Cross – €242. Five Third Crop Ewes – €178

Ten Second Crop Ewes – €166. Seven First Crop Ewes – €184.


Sheep sales every Saturday at 10am in person and online at MartEye.

Phone: 090 9679660

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